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Notice is hereby given that the Town Board of Clitherall Township will meet at the Battle Lake City Hall at 6 p.m. on Friday May 10th, 2019, to inform and discuss with adjacent landowners of Peninsula Trail and North Clitherall Lake Road of tree and brush removal in the Township road right of way.

All tree and brush removal will take place in the Township Right of Way ONLY.

If you cannot attend the hearing and wish to comment, please mail a letter, send an email to, or call 218-535-5000. All correspondence will be read at the hearing. Those persons who desire to comment on the proposed improvement will be heard at this meeting.

Keith Baldwin
Clitherall Township Clerk

Clitherall Township Veterans Park

Clitherall Township is planning to build a park to honor all township residents that have served or are currently serving our country through military service whether they served at home or abroad. We are in need of names of service member, branch of service, dates of service and if they served in a war, which war.

We are also looking for donations to fund our park. If you are interested in contributing please contact Clinton Bengtson, Committee Chair, at 218-280-7560.

Thank you.

Request for Quotes 2019

Spraying for noxious weeds in right-of-way, ${per mile}
Tree and brush removal in right-of-way, {hourly rate}
Mowing in right-of-way, one 7’ foot pass, ${per mile}
4000-5000 yards of gravel, Class 1 preferred ${per yard}.  Specifications:  Percent passing No. 200 sieve from 3-10.  The binder, minus 200 sieve, shall be clay, not silt or black dirt.  Proof is required that the rock be fractured.
Gravel quotes must be submitted by March 14th all others by May 10.
Submit to: Clitherall Township P.O. Box 667 Battle Lake, MN  56515

Meeting of the Township Board

Date: April 18, 2018
Time: 7:45 am
Loc: Battle Lake City Hall
Purpose: Century Link

Gravel Specs 2018

Approximately 2000-4000 yards Class 5 gravel based on the following specs:

Percent passing No. 200 sieve from 3-10. The binder, minus 200 sieve, shall be clay, not silt or black dirt. Proof is required that the rock be fractured.

Gravel Quotes must be submitted by April 12th  to P.O. Box 667 Battle Lake, MN 56515

Mowing Specs 2018

Starting date to be determined by the board. One 7’ pass. Mowing to be completed within 15 days of the determined start date. If a second mowing is requested, will be two 7’ passes where possible. Mowing to be completed within 15 days of 2nd start date.

Mowing Quotes must be submitted by May 10th  to P.O. Box 667 Battle Lake, MN 56515

Clitherall Township Notice of Election and Annual Meeting
Election Polls will be open Saturday March 10th 10:00am-12:00pm. for absentee voting at the Clerks Office  {East entrance Battle Lake City Hall}.  Regular voting hours will be Tuesday March 13th 4:00pm-8:00pm.  {Conference Room Battle Lake City Hall}  for one Supervisor and one Clerk.  Annual Meeting will follow at 8:05 pm..  Board of Canvass will be held immediately after the Annual Meeting.  In case of bad weather, election and meetings will be held Tuesday March 20th.

Keith Baldwin, Clerk

2018 Election Notice
Click here for the 2018 Election Notice

Keith Baldwin, Clerk

Reorganization Meeting
April 12, 2018. 5:30 Battle Lake City Hall

Keith Baldwin, Clerk

Monthly Meeting Notice
The board meets at 7:00 p.m. the 2nd Thursday of the month, with recessed meetings scheduled as necessary. Bills should be presented to the clerk prior to the 2nd Thursday.

Keith Baldwin, Clerk


Clitherall Township, Otter Tail County

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